You CAN afford the Best

As everyone knows, I am 'craft impaired and artistically challenged.' I started my company, Gracious Christian Living, over 12 years ago, because I truly appreciate fine art. And as one who can't draw a stick figure, I have great admiration for those who can. If you also appreciate beautiful art, but can't afford the price of a finished piece, let me share a few tips.
1) Buy prints and frame them yourself.  On our site, we offer unframed art prints and poster prints that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of buying them already framed and mounted. For tips on finding frames at a discount see my blog post at Lasting Legacy Books.
2) Save even more when you purchase and download prints. If you have a good quality printer (which have become increasingly affordable!) you may choose to download and print your own artwork. Lasting Legacy Books offers weekly FREE downloads of King James Bible Artwork.
3) Learn to stretch and mount canvas prints. This is not at all as hard as it looks. (Even for the craft impaired!) I recommend starting with a smaller canvas and working your way up to the larger sizes.  The key is getting the print straight on to the frame.  I place my stretcher frame on the back of my canvas and center it.  When it is straight I lightly draw around the inside with a pencil. I staple (a good staple gun is essential) one side and pull it taught.
You may also wish to purchase canvas stretcher pliers.
They grip the canvas and allow you to stretch it firmly.
I then staple the second side. Carefully fold the corners and staple the third side. Finally, pull the fourth side taught, fold the corners and staple the fourth side.  After a little practice, you will be an expert!
Any canvas print you see on our site is available unframed. Pricing information is available at